“Growth creates collateral damage, it creates dust, it creates a mess.”

Mygrow is growing. I’m standing in this room which used to be our studio, the black wall is still behind me, but it’s no longer a studio. We’ve taken down all the soundproofing and acoustic treatment, we’ve opened up the windows again allowing not just the sound, but the light in (that’s why it sounds and looks different to our normal studio setting). We’re moving from a 9 square meter studio to a 30 square meter studio. We’re moving from a 35 square meter office to a 418 square meter office. It’s a really exciting time for us, a really exciting moment of growth as a company. But you know what, the process of growth creates a mess in this room. There is dust, there are old screws, there is dirt on floor, there’s old material that we need to get rid of. And you know what, growth is hard because of that. Mel spent the last week trying to take everything off the walls here without damaging the office. But the mess that it creates, it’s all just part of the process of moving towards something bigger and better. And it’s got me thinking a little bit about growth. I think growth is always like that. Growth creates collateral damage, it creates dust, it creates a mess. But you know what, dealing with it is worth it. And maybe on your own personal journey into flourishing, that’s bringing some skeletons out of the closet for you. Maybe it’s bringing up things that you’ve hidden away in the past, behind whatever your “acoustic treatment” was in your life. And I just want to remind you and encourage you there’s no way to growth without dealing with the baggage. So wish us luck as we move our office to a bigger, better space that’s going to help us flourish. And good luck to you too, as you go on your own journey of growth and development.  Just remember the destination is worth the journey.
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