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Let’s change the world together

We are on a mission to change the world by developing Emotional Intelligence. No doubt you’re on a mission too! So, if EQ development can support what you are doing, let’s journey together to do more.

Here’s how it works


Our partnership options

Whether you interact with individuals or organisations, let’s set up the partnership options that leverage the most value for your context.


For partners who use or introduce Mygrow in the context of organisations through avenues like leadership development, culture change, or organisational development.
  • Groups of 10 or more people in an organisation
  • Integrated leaderboard, branded experience, and rich data
  • Share in the revenue of corporate contracts purchased


For partners who promote Mygrow to individuals for their personal development through avenues like public speaking, blogging, counselling or coaching.
  • Individuals sign up through your affiliate link
  • Expand your reach and revenue beyond your current offering
  • Share in the recurring revenue of each individual subscription

Ready to join the mission?

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