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Welcome to Mygrow

Welcome to Mygrow where we are on a mission to build an emotionally intelligent world. Mygrow is a powerful tool for developing people since it is built on the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology.

We want to empower you as a partner, to utilise this incredible tool to deepen your relationships with your clients, open up an extra revenue source for you, and scale your reach as a consultant. Add to that, at Mygrow, we bring together psychology/neuroscience, powered by narrative film, delivered through a custom technology platform making it globally accessible.

It is an honour to engage with you to help in changing the lives of people through improved EQ, as it will not only make them better employees/managers/leaders but ultimately better humans.

Our hope is that this portal will give you some of the resources you need to reach out to new and existing clients, anchoring you in our pedagogy in a way that adds value to your current offering.

Let’s shift organisational culture, individuals’ lives, and your business, together.

Let’s build an emotionally intelligent world.

Reseller partnership

For partners who use or introduce Mygrow in the context of organisations through avenues like leadership development, culture change, or organisational development.

  • Groups of 10 or more people in an organisation
  • Integrated leaderboard, branded experience, and rich data
  • Share in the revenue of corporate contracts purchased
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Things you’ll need as you engage with your network about Mygrow

Sales Deck
How to use the Sales Deck
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Key contacts

Mark Baker

Alain Joffe

Monique Bassi

Mygrow Business Manager

[email protected]

The Mygrow logo

Access our official company logos and a guide for how to display them in a way that’s aligned to our corporate identity.


Useful videos


How does it work?

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Does it really work?

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Beyond metrics

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Harness the power of emotions

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Mygrow’s approach

Learn about Mygrow’s development approach and what makes us different.

Harnessing growth
Development approach

Why EQ

Explore what Emotional Intelligence is and why it is considered a critical skill.

EQ: what, why, how?
Executive overview


My client accepted the quotation, what now?

As soon as the client accepts the quotation, please contact Monique Bassi at [email protected], so that an invoice can be generated.

Once this has been done you can expect the following typical elements in the procurement process:

  1. Supplier Registration
  2. Agreements to be entered into
    1. Confidentiality and Data Protection
    2. Scope of Service
    3. Points of contact
    4. General Ts and Cs
  3. Payment received
  4. Introduction to Key Account Manager to kick off the launch and rollout of the Mygrow journey
My client is ready to launch, what now?

At this point, you will have been introduced to the account manager for your client. Your account manager will liaise with you around dates for the various parts of the rollout process. They will provide you with Mygrow journey guides so that you understand every step and can convey that to your client.

If you are still needing clarification please contact Monique Bassi at [email protected].

My client needs help from the support deck. Please point me in the right direction.

Firstly, if the user needs to reset their password they can simply, click the following link and follow the prompts:

They will be sent an email (check spam/junk folder too) which will allow them to reset your password and get online.

If there are any other queries one can use the chatbot on the Mygrow platform or send an email to [email protected]. It is advisable for the user to take a screenshot of where they are getting stuck and include that in the email, to make sure the team has a better understanding of how to support them.