Theran Knighton-Fitt, Chief Humanising Officer at Mygrow, delves into the first principles of what makes humans so amazing. He proposes that if we’re to continue to add value as we head into 4IR we must understand what kind of creature we are. Empowering the human self is the fundamental starting block from which to unleash the power of the digital age. Now is not the time to reinvent ourselves; we must realise ourselves. This Master Class will help you set your mind for the future.

EP: 01 Becoming more human                                                                 9 min

Is the future all about machines or is there still space for us? Theran explores the gift of what it is to be human and why the future needs us to become even more so.

EP: 02 Set your mind for the future                                                     12 min

We’re suffering a collective crisis of self-belief. Many of us are questioning our ability to contribute in the future. There are two mindsets with which we can head into the future; only one will serve us well. Theran explores a helpful way to see the future of work.

EP: 03 If, then, else                                                                                  16 min

Theran unpacks the categorical difference between AI’s creative ability and the human imagination. Personal growth is no longer a luxury — it’s the deep work necessary to unlock human potential. If we can self-actualise, then the future is human, else we will be history.