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Venetia Cairistine Naidoo
The Foschini Group - Senior Store manager
Mygrow has helped me find the stable and confident core of who I am …
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Being on Mygrow has been an amazing and exciting journey of growth for me.


I am a senior store manager in retail, with 61 staff who report to me. I deal with people all the time, everyday, not just staff but senior management, peers, service providers and customers. There are a lot of different personalities and cultures and it is a lot to deal with sometimes. It can be quite challenging at times, as I am sure you can imagine. When you have to wear different hats all the time, at work, at home, in your community involvement etc, it is easy to lose yourself in the different roles.


We started Mygrow at the store manager level within the company, to give us more tools to deal with the job of leading in this kind of environment. I am pleased to say it has really been beneficial for me. Mygrow has helped me find the stable and confident core of who I am, which helps me more effectively wear all the different hats without losing myself in the process.


I can confidently say that the tools Mygrow has given me have made me a better leader. I am calmer and more measured in my responses to people and situations I have to face. I am able to be intelligent about my emotions when I am involved in overseeing misconduct issues that arise from time to time with my staff. I can collect my thoughts more effectively to make sure I am not letting emotion cloud the situation in unhelpful ways.

“The growth has actually made my job more exciting. I am better able to understand people and I also have more space to think of how to deal with important decisions I need to make, instead of being impulsive with them.”

I have had a lot of positive feedback from staff and also from colleagues on my level. Someone asked me the other day “How do you do it? How do you manage to handle so much” I said “It’s because of Mygrow.”


The change has also been very clear for me to see at home. I am a mother and a grandmother, as well as being a wife to my husband. I wouldn’t consider myself an angry person at all, but I have noticed that Mygrow has helped me be aware in the moment when an argument is brewing. Instead of letting it evolve into a fight, now I am able to give myself some space. I can walk away, collect my thoughts and come back to address the issue in a more healthy way later on.


I wholeheartedly recommend the impact that Mygrow can have, both personally and professionally.


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