User story meeting

The goal here is to
1. get a review,
2. check for value in a longer story share
3. check for referrals.

Intro conversation Banter.

US: So, you’ve opted to share your story. I’m assuming thats because you’ve grown as a result of your Mygrow journey, And you’re someone who is keen to help others benefit from it too?
USER: reply
US: Thats amazing, Now, as I’m sure you know every good story has to be crafted. And we only have a few minutes here. So, if you don’t mind, instead of unleashing you to just tell me your story, would it be ok if I ask some leading questions that will just unlock it in a way that makes itr easier for others to follow? I think that may be best way to spend our time together, it thats ok?
USER: reply
US: Awesome
Alright,before I ask my first question. Let me explain what I’m looking for.
Every good story has various elements. The details are different but the structure is often quite similar.
Theres always at least one character, in this story its you, there may be others, and we’ll get into that when we look for the details. But for your story to really resonate with whoever hears it, they’re gonna want to see and understand how you have grown, which means, they need to understand who you were, and who you have become. Make sense?
NOW THIS IS **IMPORTANT They wont emotionally connect with your growth, unless they appreciate the challenges you have faced. So we need to understand the obstacles you have had to overcome both internally, and in the context of your story thats what emotionally resonates as we compare the BEFORE and the AFTER of your growth. Thats the heart of the story really. Make sense?
So these are the things I’m looking for:
CONTEXT: Where is the growth in your life? (your team, your parenting etc)
OBSTACLES: The challenges you’ve had to face.
GROWTH: Who you used to be, and who you are now in how you rrespond to those challenges
How YOU have changed by developing emotional competencies
Lastly. The IMPACT of your growth on the others in the story. (team members, your kids etc)
In which area of you life have you seen a biggest change?
(At home, Work, Parenting, leadership, marriage, team culture/dynamics etc . Give me a life category then we’ll know what story we’re telling. 🙂 (Just pick one)
USER — reply
US: Thats so encouraging to hear.
So… in your (category: leadership/parenting/ etc ) what have you found challenging? what do you need to overcome? maybe in yourself, or maybe externally
USER — reply
And how did you used to deal with those challenges before? (Lose your temper? run away? etc)
Give me the “before” picture, like on a dieting or weight loss advert.
USER reply
US: ok, now as a result of Mygrow what has changed in YOU, in how you deal with those challenges?
USER reply
US: ok, so to summarise, tell me if this is an accurate short version of your story
“In your (context) you often have to deal with (challenges/obstacles). In the past you would (details of how they responded) but as a result of growing emotional intelligence through Mygrow, now you _____________
USER yup, exactly.
US: OK, awesome, Now lets get to the impact: What difference has that made to the (context — team members/ children/ spouse etc.)?
USER reply
US: wow… thats amazing. Do you have any actual examples or moments you can share on how that impact happened? Like a particular event or interaction? the challenge, and how you dealt with it? give me details
USER reply
US: wow… thats amazing. We’d love others to hear your story…
Do you mind if I write this up? Using what youve given me, In a short paragraph? I think it would really help others who might have similar challenges, in their (marriages/leadership etc). Is that ok?
I’ll send that to you on email to see if you’re happy with how I captured it, And we wont publish anything you aren’t happy with.
Is that ok?
Also… this may sound a bit forward, but… would you mind if I added some links to that email where you can go share that story or your recommendations of mygrow on different platforms? like linkedin, facebook etc, and a few others. We’re on a mission to build an emotionally intelligent world… so, we’d love it if you could add your weight to that vision. We could really benefit from some online recommendations.
You could even take what I write up and just repost it there. Would that be alright?