System vs Agent:
How EQ activates values-driven teams


Episode 1: What differentiates values and culture?


Once leaders decide what an organisation should stand for, there’s an expectation that team behaviour should naturally reflect this. Would you agree that it isn’t always that straightforward?


Episode 2: Why all this hype about culture and values?


Now more than ever businesses are realising that they need to be flexible and innovative in order to keep up with the current rate of change. In light of this, have you considered that if organisations don’t have healthy teams they will struggle to keep up?


Episode 3: How do you get people to live out company values?


Company values are often powerful on paper and impressive on the website. But how do you get teams to operate in a way that’s aligned to those values for the benefit of the business?


Episode 4: How do EQ competencies underlie company values?


It is possible to develop EQ at scale throughout an organisation. In fact, through this growth at scale and the connection between EQ competencies and values, you can transform your organisation by activating values-driven teams.