For Team Leaders:

Watch the video to see how we help you build
a strong & healthy team that performs at least 20% better!

Want a way to improve your team’s performance while looking after their wellbeing at the same time?

A people technology that will help you build…
The strong and healthy team you’ve always wanted (that performs at least 20% better)

Dear Team Leader,

Would it surprise you to learn, that we can help you can achieve at least a 20% increase in performance, with the team you have right now.


Of course you are!

But let me tell you how this is possible…

You may not realise that there is a skill-set that actually makes life better – and best of all, it can be developed.

Team leaders around the world are unlocking their team’s performance, culture, well-being and collaboration through developing this skillset! In just a few minutes a day.

And in turn this development journey will increase individual strengths for the benefit of the team…

All while actually removing relational blockages that get in the way of progress…

And best of all you’ll never have to worry about losing your team to the flashy Employee Experience your competitors promise…

Just like Derick, who used to disempower and cause stress for his team and now has the right tools to understand people better unlocking growth in the team.
And despite unlocking this growth, that’s not the best part…
The best part is Derick didn’t have to “fix” everyone’s problems.

That’s right, instead of constantly trying to manage for performance, he was able to lead his team on a collective journey of growth and the results followed.

And Derick isn’t the only one either…

View Derick’s full story

This is Emaline, who now has a greater understanding of what her team needs which has improved her ability to lead them.
Here’s another team leader who started unleashing the power of these skills…

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Meet Wendy, who transformed team culture, improved productivity through this process!

View Wendy’s full story

And so on…
We could easily fill this entire page with success stories because we’ve done this in different industries all over the world.
The TL;DR is… It works.

Want that sweet

Emotional Intelligence?

Talk soon,

Theran Knighton-Fitt
Mygrow Co-founder

P.S. We will see you on the call. We can’t wait to talk to you. Don’t miss the call. If you need to reschedule let us know, but don’t be a no show, because we’re on a mission to change the world and no one likes to waste time.