“The more diversity there is in a team, the more successful it will be.”

In the last week or so, I’ve been thinking with my team around the concept of diversity. And a few interesting things have emerged. The one is that it is so difficult to get right in a work context.

The other thing is that all the empirical research seems clear that the more diversity that one can have in a team, the more successful it can be. Yet at the same time, diversity seems to be this frustrating, difficult thing to work with.

And so somehow we living between the struggle of diversity and the benefits of diversity. And what’s been emerging for me is this thought that life is a team sport, you don’t win on your own.

And what it’s really challenged me to think about is that diversity stretches me, diversity stretches me to think wider to think from different perspectives to consider the world in another way.

And surely, if I grow and if my paradigm grows, and if my way of thinking about the world expands, surely then I can have a bigger impact on the world around me. That is something that I want for my life.

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