WEBINAR SERIES: Building psychological strength and emotional resilience!

Weekdays 11am (SAST), 

From Friday, 27 March 2020

About this series

The fallout from COVID-19 is going to have a drastic impact on people’s emotional and psychological wellbeing. Amidst social isolation, financial uncertainty, loss of resources, relational distancing and social disruption this is an unprecedented time of stress, anxiety, and fear.

The webinar series will help you to cope through this season by:

  • Guiding you through the psychological realities you can expect
  • Providing knowledge, advice and insights from psychology experts
  • Helping you to learn and apply practical strategies for improving wellbeing
  • Giving you access to a host of free online resources, tools and activities

The webinar series will be a powerful journey for you and your family and friends to take. It will equip you to find emotional well-being in this interesting time.