5 Activities That Build Teams

Having a team where there is trust, respect and appreciation are paramount. Build this in your team by using these brief team-building activities in any meeting. Doing them weekly will cultivate important relational capital in the team.

The Box Breathing Technique

This is a simple yet powerful technique to help you relax, manage stress, and reduce anxiety. Try it before bed and, when necessary, throughout the day.

The Gratitude Game

Practising gratitude affects how we see things. The Gratitude Game is a simple activity that packs a punch when it comes to helping us recognise the positive aspects of our home and work life, increasing our positivity over time. Play it with your colleagues at the office, or together on a virtual call.

The ABCDE Technique

Learn to reframe your life experiences by keeping your negative (irrational) beliefs in check and promote more effective thoughts and responses with the structured approach of the ABCDE technique.

The Giving Praise Technique

This simple technique is based on the idea of “catching people doing something right”. At its heart, giving praise is a way to intentionally take steps towards a team that recognises the good that people do, and the effort they put in while allowing space for mistakes and improvement.

36 Questions that foster connection

Many people find it a little difficult to connect in meaningful conversation. This set of questions will help you to go a little deeper. Drawing from the research of social psychologist Arthur Aron, this resource is sure to help you foster depth and connection with significant others in your life.

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