Building an Emotionally Intelligent world in 2022

Can you believe we are almost at the end of 2022?

We can’t quite get our heads around how quickly the year has flown by!

Despite the ups and downs, we have managed to make significant progress in transforming the way EQ is developed. We have launched cool stuff, made some epic upgrades and had a lot of fun doing it. But all these great things aren’t just so we can reach the end of the year and pat ourselves on the back. No, the hard work we do is for YOU. To help you and your people be the best version of yourselves possible.

We are on a mission to build an Emotionally Intelligent world and we love partnering with you and your organisation as we do this. Your support, trust and buy-in mean so much to us. Thank you for making 2022 a year for the books!

What we launched 🚀

Beyond Metrics

We constantly hear incredibly inspiring stories of people’s lives being changed through Mygrow and this year we decided to start sharing those stories with all of you! We chose to do this in two ways – through individuals and case studies.

The Success Portal

What was previously our Client Success Resource Portal has been replaced with the new and improved Success Portal. As the tagline suggests, we really do ‘have your back’ – this is where you will find everything you need to roll Mygrow out successfully in your organisation.

Facilitator training

We know that facilitation doesn’t come easily to everyone and that we are all on a journey in growing this skill. That’s why we developed our facilitator training. Focused on fostering connection, building safety, opening up a space and listening well, this additional paid offering equips you with the necessary tools to facilitate well.

End of module impact reports

With all the wonderful feedback and stories we receive, we thought it was time to add surveys to the end of each module. This provides regular opportunities for users to give us (and you!) feedback and for us to track their growth, especially around key EQ skills development.


You asked and we listened! For many this has been a much-anticipated feature, allowing you to put the old-fashioned notebook away and take notes directly in the app or on the platform.

+one Licence

Growth doesn’t happen in isolation. That’s why we have initiated our +one Licence. We are on a mission to create an emotionally intelligent world and we want as many people as possible to benefit! For every corporate subscription, we will now gift a free licence for someone close to you. So you can now give your partner, friend or teenager the chance to grow too!

EQ for SME’s

We noticed that our business model and pricing was geared for enterprise level organisations, yet so many companies are SME’s. So we came up with a plan. A new business model that facilitates impact and brings more people on board to help us build this Emotionally Intelligent world.

It is called “Culture Impact Pricing”.

For the last 6 years, we have seen that the greater the proportion of employees a company puts on Mygrow, the greater the positive shifts in organisational culture. Moreover, when families do Mygrow together, it positively impacts employee wellbeing. It seems that the biggest shift happens when people are rooted in Emotionally Intelligent ecosystems.

With Culture Impact Pricing, we’re incentivizing EQ-driven systemic change through organisations by pricing according to societal impact. The higher the proportion of staff a company develops through Mygrow, the bigger the discount.

What we upgraded ✨

Droplet 3.0 (Animation + visuals)

There is so much to be said for a creatively immersive learning experience – our creative team has worked hard to bring you just that! From sleeker infographics and typography to the whole ‘Stickmen Universe’ of characters, examples, studies and narratives. We have been working tirelessly to evolve your droplet experience.





Droplet 3.0 Character appearance upgrade

Storytelling lies in the details – including character appearance! Our overhaul and upgrade of the Self-Perception module has paved the way for a new level of personality in our stick-figure characters. The resulting storytelling ability within our droplets has reinforced a resonance and recognition of our characters and their narratives, and we’re excited to continue this quality in the coming upgrades!

Dashboard 3.0

This has to be one of our favourite updates we have made so far. Overhauling our dashboard has been the equivalent of renovating a house – a big job but well worth the improvement in aesthetics and usability! You are now able to view the key skills developed in each module, easily track your droplet streak, see a detailed breakdown of your Growth Score and just enjoy an all-round better user experience. We hope you like our new home as much as we do!



Technique Studio updates

Practice really does make perfect, and the same applies to developing your EQ skills. That’s why we have made a space for you to continue doing your techniques, even when your module is complete. You can now keep doing your techniques for the whole of the first course on Mygrow, F101, as we have added Affirming Statements, the ABCDE technique, Giving Praise, Decision Making and Stress Management to the Technique Studio.

Valued living

A large focus for us in 2022 was answering the question: ‘how do we help you, our clients, live lives you value, both professionally and personally?’

Two key resources that we developed in response to this are our Team Values Guidebook and our Personal Values Workbook. If you haven’t yet had the chance to make use of these we highly recommend you do!

Request guidebook

Download guidebook

Life at Mygrow

We have done a lot of values work this year. Something we believe is ‘let your values build the value’. What we mean by this is that our organisational values should be integral in our workplace and lives.
At Mygrow our values are:

  • People in Relation
  • Vision/Imagination
  • Leisure / Fun
  • Focussed Action
  • Innovation
  • Flourishing
  • Beauty
While we are always intentionally trying to live these out, below are a few key moments where this has been caught on camera. Enjoy the hilarity!

What people are saying


Mygrow created the fertile ground for my husband and I to have a “truth and reconciliation” conversation, while we were visiting the 9/11 memorial in New York City. This is something which we had never been able to do before, and really brought us so much closer to each other.

– Dalene Van Rooyen, Senior Area Manager at TFG

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From a team perspective difficult conversations are happening more often and I am seeing greater vulnerability than ever before.

– Michelle Bignall, Global People Specialist at Smollan

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We have all grown in our desire to understand each other, we have gelled together well, and we have learned to accept one another.
– Shani de Jager, Liquidity Manager at Flash

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The journey has truly given me the tools to combat the negative thinking traps that I was stuck in and that I didn’t even know needed to change.
– Simone du Plessis, People Consultant at Smollan

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I am learning that I am enough. That I am actually good at what I do. I am slowly overcoming my inner critic.
– Wendy Sloan, HR Executive at Rheinmetall Laingsdale

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“I am seeing the results that as we allow people to be more human at work, we are more unified, and able to move in the same direction together.”
– Mauro Suca, Engineer at Coca-Cola

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