“The finance guy looks at the line item for training and development and he says, “We can cut this. What if we invest in our people, and they leave?” But the CEO, who was worth his stripes and knew what he was doing, replied, “But what if we don’t, and they stay?””

Theran: We are seeing a change in the way business is being done. More and more people, more and more companies, are moving towards an understanding of your responsibility in leadership as being one that rewards all stakeholders. These are shifts that lead towards an employee-centered value system in many companies, at least the ones that are trying to invest in the future.

Interviewee 1: It was really just a good experience of gelling the team and creating unity, and I found Mygrow really helpful in highlighting that for myself.

Theran: Your employees are real people, they’re real flesh and blood, heart beating people. You are more responsible to those beneath you, then to those above you. You’ve been given the gift, the responsibility, of leading people.

Interviewee 2: When we started, I was going through a divorce. We had submitted the divorce papers, we were living separately, we were just waiting for the court case. So, there was nothing that was really going to help.

Interviewee 1: I think sometimes when you are under a lot of pressure and stress, it can be easy to stop looking at the world from a positive perspective and maybe start seeing the negatives.

Theran: If the work environments within which your employees sit are not contexts which are empowering, and humanizing, you will not get the person inside that employee.

Interviewee 1: I found that my team before doing Mygrow had some negative traits that were forming. One was of negativity and seeing the negatives in things.

Interviewee 2: The first exercise that we needed to do was ask a couple of people for some insights. When I saw the results, it made me feel that, “Wait a minute, maybe I’m not as great at certain parts as I think I am?”, which made me then think, “Maybe he [my husband] might have had a point in some areas?” And that made me a lot more open to just hearing someone else that’s not him, say the things to me, and basically look at working on those aspects.

Theran: You can’t say how much damage is done by toxic relationships. But there’s a lot of damage done.

Interviewee 1: Over the course of doing Mygrow, I saw a very clear shift with a lot more positive engagements with one another and seeing the positives in situations. For myself, my biggest benefit that I saw was from an organizational perspective. I’m seeing the benefits in my team and culture that was created within my team. And so I would definitely say do it.

Theran: We see this all over the place, the shift towards the value and the power of the actual staff component. If you can honor them and if you can value them then they will give of themselves to the company.

Interviewer: How are things now, between you?

Interviewee 2: We changed from being people who completely wanted nothing to do with each other. I mean, now our talks are of buying property and extending our family. We’ve really grown.

Theran: When we grow our people, we grow our companies.

Grow your people can’t afford not to.

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