Here’s your FREE ACCESS to the Mygrow Happiness at Work Toolkit containing resources for you to help your team understand the science of happiness, harness the power of empathy and practise gratitude, to increase productivity and engagement through higher levels of happiness at work.
We’ve put together a communications plan as a guide to how and when these resources can be sent out to the members of your organisation. And we’ve even set up email templates you can use to make these excellent resources available to your teams!

The Science of Happiness                                                    

Understand and implement theories and practices proven to build happiness and affect positive change in your work and personal life, through this webinar presented by Psychologist and Mygrow CEO, Mark Baker.


Emotional Contagion, Goblins, and Empathy: An Encouragement for Leaders                                                    

More and more leaders are embracing the fact that in the complex current work environment, they need a more human-centric leadership approach and exercising empathy is a big part of this shift. Mygrow Chief Humanising Officer, Theran Knighton-Fitt explores this idea and offers insights on how to be a more empathetic and more effective leader.


VIDEO: Leading with EQ after lockdown                                                   

Lead with Emotional Intelligence, by getting an understanding of some of the fundamental aspects of human behaviour. And learn how to leverage Mygrow to empower your team and allow EQ to spread through your organisation, in this webinar presented by Psychologist and Mygrow CEO, Mark Baker.

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RESOURCE: The Gratitude Game          

Increase positivity and gratitude within your team. This is a simple activity that packs a punch when it comes to increased workplace positivity when played repeatedly over time and used in conjunction with the Mygrow journey. Play it with your colleagues at the office, or together on a virtual call.

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RESOURCE: The Gratitude Visit                                                    

This simple Gratitude exercise is bound to make your life a little happier and more satisfying. So often you feel gratitude but express it in a way that doesn’t quite capture what you mean. This resource gives you an opportunity to express your gratitude in an intentional and thoughtful way.

activities that build teams


Learn to reframe your life experiences by keeping your negative (irrational) beliefs in check and promote more effective thoughts and responses with the structured approach of the ABCDE technique.