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The Foschini Group - Area Manager
I decided to do it for me…. And that’s made all the difference.

Mygrow has become a partner to me, and a tool I use almost every day.


I love the practical application of Mygrow. It works in my life the way it’s designed to work – it’s actually changing me and my default mental wiring.


– When I’m going through a stressful time, I can see Mygrow is working.

– When I have big decisions to make, I can see that it’s helping me make those decisions effectively.


When I started Mygrow, it was just a “tickbox exercise”. I did it because my boss was watching. After doing about 50 droplets in a row, even though I was at the top of the leaderboard I realised I wasn’t making the most out of it – I was just doing it to get it done. So I decided to do it for me…. And that’s made all the difference.


Some personal context:


I am a recovering addict and I have been doing a 12-step programme for over a decade, which has been really helpful. But now I have Mygrow to use as well, and it has unlocked the 12 steps in a much more meaningful way for me, and on a daily basis.


It’s easy to just “work the steps” at a surface level in any 12-step process, but Mygrow has helped me get so much more out of that process by helping me peel back the layers of the onion, so to speak.


Mygrow has given depth to the 12 steps, helping me to better understand myself on a deeper level to get more out of it.


I also use the technique studio almost daily. I use it as a diagnostic for what I need to work on on any given day. I’ll begin with my droplet for the day, and the current technique I am learning, but then I go to the technique studio and look through all the techniques I have learned in the past. Then I’ll decide which technique I would really benefit from right now.


– If there is some negative experience I need to work through, then I might do the ABCDE technique.

– If I’m feeling stressed, then I’ll do a breathing technique.

– If there’s a decision I need to make, I will do the decision-making technique.

“I’m no longer just doing what is required by my boss, I am actually getting personal value out of it on a daily basis, much more than just learning a little bit each day and ticking the box.”


I think Mygrow would be very helpful as a companion to anyone doing a 12-step programme. But it’s not only recovering addicts that need help to change the way they think and behave, Mygrow is a great tool for everyone, if you want to grow.


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