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Bertha Ramphago
Foschini - Store Manager
I used to be someone who had no resilience … every droplet has helped me. I feel strong.
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I was in a life crisis, and Emotional Intelligence has helped me get through it.

My marriage was ending and I was in the middle of the divorce proceedings when I started Mygrow. I used to think about the divorce all the time. It took over every moment of my thinking. My husband was making unrealistic demands on me for the settlement. My mind was in a downward spiral and I didn’t know what to do. I was crumbling under the pressure.

That has all changed. Now I am much stronger. But I am getting ahead of the story.

I used to be someone who had no resilience. I couldn’t adapt, I couldn’t stand up for myself and act assertively and independently. I used to be frightened all the time. So when my husband started demanding that I pay him half my salary for three years because he wasn’t working, I didn’t have the skills to know how to respond to that, so I was just in a negative place all the time. But since doing my Mygrow droplets every day (usually at 2 am) I have become so much more positive. I looked forward to each one – every droplet has helped me. I feel strong. I feel able to adapt and have the hard conversations. And I haven’t even felt the need to go for counselling. Mygrow has been my councillor. It has helped me process everything in a healthy way.

I think the biggest thing Mygrow did for me was to help me to realise that I could turn any experience around, no matter how negative. 

“By developing my Emotional Intelligence I have seen that I have the power to bring some positivity into every conversation and experience.”

My husband has seen that I have grown, and I am different to the person he remembers. And that has actually made the whole divorce much easier to handle. I don’t even feel the need for a lawyer anymore. I feel I am strong enough for the two of us to handle this on our own. We are finally talking like adults and finding solutions where everyone will win: him, me, and the kids.

A friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with depression as a result of her own divorce, but here I am, standing strong. I don’t need to go see a psychologist, Mygrow helps me. I am so thankful for Mygrow and the strength it has been to me in this very difficult time.

Recently I watched the droplet where Mark speaks about the two dogs that fight. The story explains that the dog you feed is the one who wins. Well, Mygrow is feeding all of us who are on the journey, so that we can win. Keep up the good work guys!


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