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Bronwyn Janse Van Rensburg
Regional Manager
I now know I am a valuable member of the team, and that my colleagues not only see that value, but also value me.
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“We needed a pretty face in the team” … That’s what the man who promoted me said to one of my clients.


Being a woman in a leadership position is not always easy. In fact, even the story of being promoted into my current role has made me doubt myself. But Mygrow has given me the psychological tools to reflect and respond to these challenges. Now, I realise I am not only competent, but my confidence has grown and I have a strong sense that I am not only adding value to the team I am in, and the team I lead, but that others see that value, and value me.


Here’s the story:


I have been a Field Manager in the retail industry for many years.  I was selected for a succession plan in 2015 to become a Regional Manager, which materialised in 2021 when I was promoted to Regional Manager. At the time, I knew that there was a company directive to have more women in leadership, and I also knew I was the only woman in the running for the promotion. So when I got the role there was already a seed of doubt in my mind. That seed started to grow and eroded my confidence. When my boss told me, to my face, that I only got the position “because we needed a woman” that confirmed that my doubts were real. When he called me a “pretty face” in front of a client it added insult to injury and I took it personally – it was the last straw, my confidence was completely shattered.


I tried so many things to get my confidence back, and many of them had a big impact. I did a “women in leadership” course which really helped me reframe what I have to offer. But still, dealing with the emotions and your view of other people’s perspectives is another story. It’s one thing to know you have value, it’s another to step out and add it. It was during this time that my Mygrow journey began and it created a space for me to reflect and process what I had been experiencing. It helped me with my feelings of discouragement, and through my growth I gained psychological tools to help me respond more effectively to move forward.

“Instead of letting my emotions, and my damaged view of my own value, shut me down, I now had the skills to choose how I would respond instead. In healthy ways that allowed my real value to rise to the top.”

This journey of growth has had the effect of increasing my confidence again, and unlocking my potential in that male dominated Regional Manager team. We work together very well. I now know I am a valuable member of the team, and that my colleagues not only see that value, but also value me. I no longer feel like a token candidate for the position. In fact, just before writing this, one of those colleagues reached out to me for help on something because he trusts me and my ability to contribute.

So often your experiences have the result of making you see yourself in a certain way, and that can shut you down. Mygrow has helped me understand how this happens, and given me a way to change the way I see myself in the story, and by doing this, change my story. Thank you 🙂


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