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Denise Williams
Hands & Feet - Community worker
Taking note of who others are and acknowledging them built trust and I saw my relationships grow.
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We spent some time with Denise hearing her growth story and the impact that Mygrow has had on her life. The following is what she had to say, shared with her permission.

I started Mygrow shortly after I joined this NPO. I was initially a bit anxious about the technology component and having to do Mygrow while I was still finding my feet as a new employee. I was battling to embrace the journey and find the time to do my daily droplet. I tried various times and ways to get it done and eventually found a groove when everyone was in bed at night at around 21:00.

In June this year we had a week of rest and reflection and in this time I made a decision to embrace the journey and made a commitment to my own development. Since then I have started enjoying the journey and found the benefits in particular areas in my life.

Improved decision making

I found the Decision Making technique quite difficult to do at first. It was hard to keep finding different alternatives to various decisions but over time I noticed that my ability to make decisions improved. I had many ideas about things but through practicing decision making I was able to implement these ideas and actually make decisions which is something that I was finding difficult before. I enjoyed learning about different personas in relationships and how we relate to one another either as adults or as children. This impacted my understanding of relationships and the different dynamics. I would actually like to do this module again and continue to learn about this.

“There was one work relationship in particular that I found difficult. We didn’t always see eye to eye and there was conflict between us which was challenging for both of us. What has been amazing though is that through our Mygrow journey our relationship has completely turned around.”

Relational growth

My first experience with the Giving Praise technique was when another colleague who was ahead of me in their Mygrow journey started to give me praise. At first, I was skeptical and not used to this, but over time and especially when I started doing that module I started to notice the difference that giving praise was making to my relationships. Taking note of who others are and acknowledging them built trust and I saw my relationships grow.

There was one work relationship in particular that I found difficult and we didn’t always see eye to eye, there was conflict between us at times and this was difficult for both of us. Through our Mygrow journey, recognizing each other’s strengths, and praising each other our working relationship has completely turned around. We actually have a really good relationship now. We have empathy, understanding, and appreciation for each other. I would actually even say that this relationship is one of my best relationships at work now.
Another area that I have used this technique and seen a difference is with my grandson. He enjoys it when I recognize him and it builds up his confidence.


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