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Ilanza Smalberger
IT Solutions
I am loving the road that I am on and I look forward to keeping on with my droplets and my journey.
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We spent some time with Ilanza hearing her growth story and the impact that Mygrow has had on her life. The following is what she had to say, shared with her permission.

Our HR manager is a big supporter of Mygrow. She approached our team about doing it and I decided to put time aside every day to get the most out of the experience and find consistency. I sit down at 10 am each day and focus on my droplets. I am so glad that I committed in this way because I have found the journey to be very impactful, in numerous ways!

As I have reflected on and implemented the techniques I have actually made some big changes in my life for the better.

Increased confidence

My self-talk is becoming more positive and I am gaining confidence in areas such as speaking up in meetings and overcoming my shyness, which is something that I have struggled with for most of my life.

I try to do the Three Good Things technique daily and I also use it to connect with two of the most important people in my life – my little girls. As a single parent I am growing not just for myself but for my girls and my goal is to provide my girls with emotional connection, language and stability. I want to be emotionally strong and healthy for them.

More positive

I found the Three Good Things technique challenging but very impactful as I noticed that there were a lot of negative inputs in my life. I decided to make some life changes. This included going off social media, starting exercise and making the Three Good Things technique and gratitude a part of my life. I use the technique to connect with my children and I have found that having this tool to help focus on the things that we are grateful for has been good for me. I am more positive and there is an emotional strength and stability that I bring to my home and to those around me in general.

Relational growth

The Giving Praise technique has been powerful again both in my personal life and at work within my team. I recently praised a colleague and it unlocked our working relationship in a new way. She felt seen and valued by my observations and this opened up a door in our relationship for further connection and conversation.


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