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Jennifer Jacobs
Bestmed - Team leader
Mygrow has impacted my leadership in such a profound way, at just the right moment.
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After 2 years of remote work, my team has returned to the office. But people are still not back where they were before Covid. My staff have fear and anxiety. They are still dealing with the trauma of the pandemic. As am I. So it’s been hard for me to know how to lead well, let alone connect meaningfully with them. 

When I heard we were returning to work I was fearful. I doubted if I still had what it takes to lead them in person. I didn’t want to go back. I had some pretty real anxiety about being with so many people every day.  I wasn’t sure I’d cope so I was tempted to just resign and stay home. I am glad I didn’t. Mygrow has made that difference.

At the beginning, I felt like I didn’t know who my team was anymore – after everything that’s happened while we’ve worked from home. On top of that, we have all developed work habits and our own working routines, so it’s been challenging to come together and work as an effective team. 

As I faced the challenges of leading people who were experiencing the same emotions I was, I was torn between knowing how they feel, and needing to toe the line that my bosses above me were demanding of us. It was hard for me to be assertive. I found myself feeling very anxious and unsure about how to accomplish those changes in my team. 

Mygrow came at exactly the right time.

I have learned so much about how to handle things differently. Now I can manage my own emotions so much more effectively as I handle some of these tough conversations.

“I am also a lot more empathetic of the struggles and perspectives of those around me, as I have learned to appreciate their experiences in a way that I couldn’t have before I developed myself.”

So, I guess in a nutshell I would say that Mygrow has empowered me to lead so much better in this tricky context. I have learned how to use the parts of my brain that I never cared about using before, to better work through the challenges I face as a leader. 

This growth has been such a blessing in that process of learning again how to lead, and everyone knows it. Even my grandson will tell me “Ouma, it’s time to do your Mygrow droplet!”


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