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Luthando Mabhele
FFS Tank Terminals - Operations Supervisor
I used to be a "No-Discussion-Just-Do-What-I-Say!” kind of leader. That’s changed because of Mygrow.
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I used to be a “No-Discussion-Just-Do-What-I-Say!” kind of leader. That’s changed because of Mygrow.

In the past my team was scared of me. When people saw me coming they would run. They weren’t comfortable around me and they were afraid to speak up and tell me how they felt.  But I’ve only found that out recently, since doing Mygrow. 

It’s no wonder that I didn’t really enjoy leading. 

Since developing my emotional intelligence, I have become so much more aware of the individuals in my team, and how they perceive and relate to me. We had a meeting recently where I asked them to tell me how they feel. They said I was too hard on them and they didn’t feel free or safe to speak up. They were scared to tell me when I was wrong or had misunderstood a situation. It was tough to hear but I learned a lot about myself and I’ve really taken that to heart. The tools on Mygrow have helped me to lead better.

“Recently one of my team members (who isn’t on Mygrow) said this to me, ‘I like my new boss, you can see and feel how he is doing things differently.’

… He was talking about me ;)”

I’d say the main areas this has impacted my team are as follows:

1: We now have a weekly team meeting to find out where everyone is at.

2: Our relationships with each other are more healthy, and that has impacted our culture positively. 

3: The team is psychologically safer. (They aren’t scared of me anymore.)

4: The staff enjoy coming to work now (I can tell the difference just from how they arrive in the morning, even from when I see them coming through the gate!)


At the moment I am trying to get HR to put my whole team onto Mygrow. I know the benefits will only increase.


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