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Luvuyo Mazonda
Premier Eastern Cape Bakery - Health & Safety Manager
I used to be quite defensive - now I am more patient and willing to listen.
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Mygrow has been a life-changing journey for me. I used to be quite defensive – now I am more patient and willing to listen. The best place I see this is in how I used to listen to advice from my parents, and give advice to my girlfriend. In the past, I wouldn’t really let my parents tell me anything. I used to say things like, “I know, I know, don’t tell me what I already know!” 

Ironically, in my relationship with my girlfriend, I was very quick to give her advice. So there was a bit of hypocrisy there that I wasn’t aware of.

Since doing Mygrow I am much less defensive with my parents, or others when I hear advice. I am less likely to impose my advice on my girlfriend. I used to listen to her with the intention of giving her advice, now I just listen to hear her. I am more patient and don’t take things so personally. I am aware that tough situations will pass, so I am able to handle stress better. The breathing techniques have also helped me be calmer than I used to be. I don’t react as quickly or snap at my parents, for example. Now I listen more.

“The self-reflection that Mygrow has helped me with has really made a difference in this part of my life and behaviour. I now understand that how I act comes from somewhere.”

I am still trying to figure out a lot. My mom told me she can see me maturing, and that she can see I am not reacting so negatively anymore. My girlfriend can also see a difference. The other day we were talking and I found myself wanting to interrupt her and tell her what she should do. I even started to say something then I held my tongue. She said “good, you’re growing now!” 😂


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