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Marilet Clark
Premier FMCG PTY Ltd - Group OD Manager
I am always looking for solutions to improve the EQ of our leaders of teams, and Mygrow has been a real game-changer!
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As someone who works in Organisational Development, I am always looking for solutions to improve the EQ of our leaders of teams, and Mygrow has been a real game-changer! One of our teams in the Eastern Cape Milling division volunteered to pilot this solution – since they were very diverse in age, race, and function, I thought that they would be an ideal site to test this solution for the rest of the organisation.


I decided to jump in on the pilot as well, to test drive it for myself! 


I thought it was just to research it, you know, for others… but the impact  was not lost on me. In fact, my Mygrow journey has been amazing! Not only was it very timeous in my life and career but it helped me to identify and face challenges at work; allowing me to grow as a result!


Since I have always been a lifelong learner, adept with working with people, I was anticipating full scores on my 360 EQ assessment, but I was very surprised to find out that I had blind spots around Flexibility and Emotional Self-Awareness. The Self-Awareness module really challenged me to pause and interrogate my thinking and feelings. The “emotional addiction” concept really hit home, forcing me to face and deal with my emotions and thinking. Mygrow has helped me to regain my confidence to work with groups – something that took a big hit as a result of COVID and working remotely for an extended time.

I loved the Decision-Making module and the Interpersonal Relationships module, which gave me tools I didn’t know I needed…

“… This enabled me to navigate more effectively through complex, challenging and unhealthy relationships at work, focusing my attention on self-care, self-management and healthy assertiveness which has gained some respect in my team.”

The East London team has been amazing, and they have become like family to me. They have progressed steadily even if not as fast as we planned, they all reported having gained value from this project whether at home or at work.


At first, the team struggled to keep themselves accountable, but after a year, they completely changed. The team has become more able to have courageous conversations, and cross-mentoring has started happening organically. The younger people on the team have run with Mygrow the most, and their manager has noticed that they are completing projects like they hadn’t before – having a newfound confidence from their understanding of self and others. 

I am happy to say that the pilot has been a great success. We will definitely be adding more people at our company onto the Mygrow platform.


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