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Nathaniël Van Wyk
Western Cape Government - Chief Dietician
... after doing Mygrow I've been able to find a sense of meaning in who I am from inside of myself.
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Mygrow’s impact on me has been multifaceted. I started off doing this for personal growth, since I am an Enneagram 3 (‘The Taskmaster’), but when I looked into the driving forces behind that, it shifted the whole journey for me. 

Having grown up with a single mother, I spent much of my life looking for male approval. So I was always looking for approval from the outside. But now, after doing Mygrow, I’ve been able to find a sense of meaning in who I am from inside of myself.

Interpersonally things have changed significantly for me. In the past I used to be quick to answer – I would have already formulated the answer in my head before people had finished talking. Now, I listen more attentively, so I can actually understand people better. Because I now seek to understand before responding, the way I respond to people is so much better and people have started noticing that.

I also make more effort to be empathetic now. Before, I didn’t really have true empathy towards junior colleagues specifically.  

Something else that has changed for me is that I would always go with the crowd image, but now I am confident to just be who I am.

From a team perspective, I’ve also been using the techniques with my team and everyone can see how we are growing in our ability to interact and find unity.

A huge thing that has been impacted is my marriage. I used to shut down whenever there was an argument (sometimes we would only start talking again after a few days). Now the communication has gotten so much better that I am comfortable saying when things are not okay. We even use the techniques from Mygrow with each other, to help us engage with each other in a loving way.

Before doing Mygrow, I wasn’t able to change some of the things about Myself that I wished I could. I just didn’t feel like there was a safe space for me to change some of these things. I wasn’t comfortable sharing with anyone in the past, in case I would be exposed. The safe space that Mygrow provided has helped me to go there and do the things I have needed to change. 

I really think that Mygrow is a must, because it will help so many people. Just these past two weeks we have had 5 pharmacy overdoses. Mygrow could have helped these people to realise what their strengths and weaknesses are, and help them to help themselves.

One thing I am sure of is that if it can work for me… it can work for anyone.


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