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Roekshana Krotz
Flash - Product Training Coordinator
I have felt the impact of Mygrow and EQ development in every aspect of my life. It doesn't just improve your work life or give you tools and skills in one area but it grows you as a whole person, impacting every part of your life and your thinking.
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We spent some time with Roekshana hearing her growth story and the impact that Mygrow has had on her life. The following is what she had to say, shared with her permission.

I love the values and company culture at Flash – we value people and a healthy work culture and this is the reason that I ended up doing Mygrow and benefitting from Emotional Intelligence (EQ) development and growth.

I have worked for Flash for nine years. First as a Regional Field Manager and now as a Product Training Coordinator.

I started Mygrow at a time when work was really crazy. I was needing to manage multiple staff needs with varying time sensitivities. Even though the Mygrow droplets were only meant to take me about 10 minutes a day, I struggled to find a groove and get into it. I initially battled with the first technique, Three Good Things, and it all felt like a massive time stretch for me. This meant that it was never a priority in the face of how urgent everything else seemed.

After some time I decided to relook at the way I was approaching my Mygrow journey. I decided not to see this as a ‘work thing’ only but rather something that would benefit me in all areas of my life. This transitioned Mygrow into my personal and home life and served as the catalyst for breakthrough.

Since doing so I have seen significant growth in myself and felt the benefit of Mygrow in a number of areas in my life. The one that is most prominent is how I have grown in self-awareness. An example of this is that I am now more aware of my responses and reactions towards my kids. As a parent it is so important to respond in the right way to your kids. Before Mygrow, I wouldn’t really realize or give much thought to how or why I reacted or responded in a certain way. I am now almost ‘observant’ of my own reactions which empowers me to choose the correct responses. Mygrow has helped me be a better parent.

The Stress Management module has also been very helpful for me. I oversee 18 different people spread out over different regions and it can be rather stressful juggling all that is going on and needed around me. Additionally, in the tech industry there is often a sense of urgency and an assumption that everything needs to be done immediately. If there is an issue or a problem, we need to find a solution as quickly as you can say the word ‘sorted’. This means that the pressure is always on.

“Learning to manage stress through the use of the Heart Coherence technique and what I have learned on Mygrow has enabled me to work more sustainably and productively, even in the face of stressful and urgent situations.”

Through Mygrow I have learnt to pause and reflect and take the time to think through a number of different options and factors even when the pressure is high. That way I can weigh up the different needs and factors that should be considered and arrive at the best possible outcome or solution.

My national manager has even commented on how I have grown in confidence and I know that Mygrow has played a large role in this improvement. When I know that I have my facts in order, I now have the confidence to speak up in a boardroom meeting, where before, I would have held back and doubted myself.

My team has also subsequently started Mygrow. The benefit is that the team is able to grow on Mygrow, together. I would motivate the team and then they would also motivate each other on the journey. This has made Mygrow contagious!

I have felt the impact of Mygrow and EQ development in every aspect of my life. It doesn’t just improve your work life or give you tools and skills in one area but it grows you as a whole person impacting every part of your life and your thinking. It essentially helps you be a better human being.


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