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Warren Frazer
Team leader - Business developer
I had to find a new way of dealing with the need to change, and my self-doubts regarding whether it was even possible.
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We spent some time with Warren hearing his growth story and the impact that Mygrow has had on his life. The following is what he had to say, shared with his permission. 

My 30’s were a dark time. Maybe you can relate?

I got divorced 5 years ago, and for years I think I have been living in constant “fight or flight” mode.  Then, as I entered my 40’s, it’s as if I finally woke up – realising I needed to “hit refresh” – I wanted to start all over again. But how?

We did some psychometric testing at work. It wasn’t fun. Reading the results was like staring into a mirror … and not liking what you see. There were some very hard realities to face and I wasn’t really sure what to do with them. I was tired of the fight or flight response and I wanted to grow. But how? 

You see, I tend to fixate on my weaknesses, to an extreme. (Friends often tell me that I’m too hard on myself.) So now, here I was, desiring a fresh start, but still having the habits and baggage of the past. I knew that if I wanted to start again, to reboot, then these were the areas where I needed to grow.  I just didn’t know how to do that. I had no idea where to start. 

One of the things I have experienced as I’ve gotten older is realising my limitations. You see I grew up believing that change is possible. I think most of us do. I was optimistic like that. But then life knocks you about a little bit. You try to change, and you fail, and that confidence starts to fade away. The older you get the more you realise how hard changing actually is. And I think I had started to doubt whether change was actually possible for me, after all. 

I had to find a new way of dealing with the need to change, and my self-doubts regarding whether it was even possible. 

And then, Mygrow. 

We started Mygrow at work and I immediately recognised this was my answer – this was exactly the right tool, in the right season, for what I needed. 

So I embraced everything Mygrow offered, right from the start, and that has made all the difference. (More than just a “difference”, actually, it has had a huge – and profound – impact in my life – in so many areas.

“I have become better at processing my triggers and dealing with my emotions. I find is easier to be present instead of always living in my mind with big emotions overwhelming me.”

Growth has taken time. But I was willing to put the time in.

Fitness has always been something that I have needed in my life. And I have found it easy to commit to exercising regularly, as an investment into myself and my health – you can’t control everything, but with exercise there is a direct correlation between what you put in and get out. This has helped me understand the same is true for my mental and emotional health too. Mygrow has been the “gym, trainer, and exercise equipment” to help me take back control of my psychological, emotional, and mental health, too. 

Through doing my Mygrow droplets and EQ techniques regularly I soon began to see and understand that my brain had been shaped (scarred, actually) in certain ways. This ‘scarring’ had caused me to see myself in certain ways (being overly critical of myself, and feeling like I was never good enough). Hearing those things over and over it becomes the way you see yourself. My brain had been wired that way since I was a child. 

Because of Mygrow I began to realise I needed to get some extra help, to deal with unresolved childhood trauma that had formed my self-perception in certain ways.

My thinking has definitely been rewired through everything Mygrow has given me. I like my life more now. I have real tools to deal with my anxiety. I am much more present with my 10 year old daughter and have become so much more deliberate in how I speak and relate to her. I so deeply want to be a voice of encouragement and love to her. 

It’s not as if its been plain sailing. Even on the Mygrow journey I have been faced with some hard realities – Mygrow has also been a mirror, showing me some more things that I needed to change about myself. The difference this time, however, was that now I had an understanding of the neuroplasticity of my brain. But more than just knowledge, I now had tools and self-belief to change what I saw in that “mirror”. This has given me hope and determination to continue doing the techniques and using the tools available to me on the Mygrow platform. 

For example I used to think that having a diary was for girls, but now I use a journal daily – I  understand the power I have to help myself grow. 

I have actually incorporated all of the different Mygrow techniques that I have learned. I have become quite good at disputing my negative thoughts and increasing my self compassion. I have begun to establish much healthier rational beliefs than the irrational ones that I used to have.

Love is a key that changes everything – including love towards yourself. As I have growed in health and wholeness I am finding it easier to be able to show love and kindness towards both others and also myself. That’s the kind of person I want to be. Mygrow has opened my perspective on so many things and given me the tools to become healthy and move towards flourishing, as that kind of person.  Thank you.


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